Soup in box: Good Mood Food (gift per post)


Soup in the mailbox? Perfect gift by post for those who do not feel so good! A friend with healthier-eating plans? A colleague on maternity leave? An aunt who is sick-or just better? A box of Soup Starter is not only very nice to get, but helps your friends and family to eat healthier.

The letterbox gift includes:
• a nicely designed box, hand-lettered quote: ' A bowl of soup is food for the soul '
• a box of Soup Starter of your choice (Indian, French or Arabic-what you know the best fit can be found at the receiver)
• a sweet card with a hand lettered quote on the front, and space for your personal message on the back.

After your order you send us an email with:
• the text should be on the map
• the recipient's address
and then we write that hand on.
Easy peasy and super nice! And that you are en passant helps to reduce food waste, is a bonus:-)

Spread the love! Or: the soup, in this case ...

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