Soup Starter-Arabic


Arabic soup Starter is a mixture of chopped onion, vegetables and Arab spices (think: ras el hanout, cumin and. Lavender!) that allows you to pan within a quarter of an hour a fragrant soup on the table. Soup Starter is free of salt, e-numbers, palm oil and yeast extract. And: soup Starter is suitable for vegans.

Make fast soup of discard vegetables: save more, waste less & eating healthier

chopped onion, ras el hanout, cumin, garlic, lemon zest, lovage leaf, lavender, chili pepper, Bay leaves

You know that healthy eating is important. That you actually 250 g of vegetables per day should be eating ... but yes: How then? Life is busy enough; you have no sense to learn how to create a complex detox bowl of daikon – you just want to eat healthier, without hassle.

At the same time, Bale you know of all the vegetables that you throw in the wheelie bin weekly. Cardinal sin of course, but yes ... that busy life, eh? You really have no time to stacks of cookbooks by every night to struggle looking for easy vegetable dishes.

Trust us: you're not the only one.
The average Dutchman throws some 10 kilograms of vegetables a year away. With soup Starter do you turn vegetable that you would throw away otherwise, within a quarter of an hour, a surprising summer soup. If we all make #weggooigroentesoep every two weeks, we save more than 128 million kilograms of vegetables per year of waste. 128 million-that's worth it, right?

Soup Starter is a mixture of chopped onion, combined with vegetables, herbs and spices! With Soup Starter:
... do you turn vegetable that you otherwise would throw away fast and easy soup – and you so nothing to throw away
... you'll get without extra hassle quite a part of your daily 250 g of vegetables inside – and eat your so healthier

In Addition, Soup Starter:
... is 100% natural and contains no salt, yeast extract, palm oil or e-numbers
... is complete – you don't have to think about herbs or a recipe
... is easy — we have the onions already chopped, chopped herbs, and the celery finely chopped. You are so so ready!

And, also as smart: soup Starter is dried and so endless shelf life. You don't need special to the supermarket; you just save it in your pantry and used it to burn out when vegetables are. Useful!

• 500 g of vegetables cut small,
• oven 10 minutes in the pan with a tablespoon of salt, Soup Starter and
• pour 750 ml of boiling water on and
• Cook for another 5 minutes ... ready!
Soup Starters come in three flavors, so you every kind of vegetable transforms into a tasty soup.
Enne: with one pot Soup Starter to make four times one litre of soup.

Fight food waste at home: make soup of vegetable that you otherwise would throw away!

Soup is the perfect gift! For someone who is sick, or just better. For a pregnant or young parents. For a stresskip, or just someone who wants to be good zen ... soup helps anywhere, anytime.

And whether you that soup yourself (so they can fall right away!), or a packet of #SoepStarter gifts (so that they themselves can start to cook), that does not matter; with these gift tags to make the soup an extra nice present!

You get the link to this printable gift tags in your bestelbevestingsmail. Have fun with it!

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