Fruit Soup Starter Introductory Offer


INTRODUCTORY offer: 1 Fruit Soup Starter + 2 soup Starters (m.u.v. limited editions) of your choice, for 13.50 euros. Byebye choice stress:-)

Fruit Soup Starter Coconut-Sumac is a 100% natural blend of toasted coconut, ginger and sumac that allows you the luxury makes a smoothie within 10 minutes-of fruit that you would otherwise throw away. Fruit Soup Starter is 100% natural, so free of e-numbers, palm oil and added sugars.

Fruit soup is, the word says it all: soup of vegetables. A kind of super de luxe smoothie, actually. It is a typical Scandinavian dish that you eat for breakfast, at lunch or for dessert. It's called there, very Scandinavian, fruktsoppa or frugtsuppe. Great with the fika, with a hefty spoonful of rice pudding for example. Instant hygge! Additionally: you fight there also another food wastage and eat in one blow your daily serving of fruit.

Fruit Soup Starter is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. With one game of Fruit Soup Starter to make 4 to 8 servings.

toasted coconut, ginger, sumac

That bottom nature beitjes out of the box + that last piece of melon + that bit too Brown banana + Fruit Soup Starter = fruit soup! Fruit Soup Starter is a mixture of dried and toasted coconut, sumac and ginger that lets you easily create fruit soup makes any fruit there is to agonize in your fruit bowl.

Fruit Soup Starter is a mixture of dried fruit and spices! With Fruit Soup Starter:
... do you make of fruit that you otherwise would throw away quick and easy fruit soup – and you so nothing to throw away
... you get no extra hassle you daily 2 pieces of fruit within – and eat your so healthier

In Addition, Fruit Soup Starter:
... is 100% natural and contains no bunch if e-numbers, added sugar or palm oil
... is complete – you don't have to think about herbs or a recipe
... is easy — we have the coconut all toast to that, the ginger slices and sumac. You are so so ready!

And, also as smart: Fruit Soup Starter is dried and so endless shelf life. You don't need special to the supermarket; you just save it in your pantry and used it to burn out when fruit is. Useful!

• wash, Peel and puree +/-400 grams discard fruit. Mix & match! Banana makes it sweeter and delicious creamy, like avocado. Berries and strawberries give a summer effect, like mango and melon.
• Add water until you have about 600 ml soup. That's enough for 4 people.
• Add to taste Fruit Soup Starter: the more you add, the more intense the flavor.
• puree again until all lumps are out. Ready!
• Serve in a dish or nice glass. Garnish with pomegranate seeds, possibly a mint leaf or edible flowers.
With one box of Fruit Soup Starter to make 4 to 8 servings of fruit soup!

Fruit Soup serve at breakfast with a scoop of thick yogurt and granola for example. Or as a topping on your overnight oats. It is also a nice addition to brunch or lunch: such a festive dish is the perfect alternative for the calibrated glass of orange juice on the Easter table. In addition Fruit Soup is also delicious as easily digestible snack or as a sweet ending to your dinner.

Fruit Soup Starter is an idea of Soup head. Diana and Sarina develop products that allows consumers on an easy way their own food waste and at the same time, healthier to eat. Marlies and Femke, the unmatched taste makers of Heidi, developed the mix; a surprising combination of fried coconut, lightly sour sumac and slightly spicy ginger.

Fight food waste at home: make soup of fruit that you would otherwise throw away!

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