Good Food is Good Mood (soep per post!)


Soup Starter-per-Post is a blend of dried vegetables, herbs and spices, wrapped in a gehandletterde quote-map. Write your own message and send to a friend with good eetvoornemens, a colleague with a sick or maternity leave, as a Christmas card. With soup Starter-per-Post he/she makes a pan within 15 minutes guaranteed tasty soup. Without a prescription, without hassle. The receiver just need her leftovers vegetables, water and some salt. Soup Starter is 100% natural, so free of e-numbers.

Soup making remains from vegetable-la is good for your body, and the environment: for your wallet. However, if that often do not: people are too busy, or find it complicated. Soup Starter-per-Post makes it easy. Available with three different quotes and as a Christmas card.

Please note: available end of October 2017. Pre order possible:-)

chopped onion, carrot, garlic, leek, celery leaves, thyme leaf, lovage, Rosemary

= == TIP == =
Show us your Soup Starter-by-mail! Write the recipient's address + message in the comments box if you order, we will make sure the fine.
Prefer to send multiple cards? Choose the shipping upgrade, then we do them together in a post box.

Soup Starter is a mixture of chopped onion, combined with vegetables, herbs and spices! With Soup Starter:
... do you turn vegetable that you otherwise would throw away fast and easy soup – and you so nothing to throw away
... you'll get without extra hassle quite a part of your daily 250 g of vegetables inside – and eat your so healthier

In Addition, Soup Starter:
... is 100% natural and contains no salt, yeast extract, palm oil or e-numbers
... is complete – you don't have to think about herbs or a recipe
... is easy — we have the onions already chopped, chopped herbs, and the celery finely chopped. You are so so ready!

And, also as smart: soup Starter is dried and so endless shelf life. You don't need special to the supermarket; you just save it in your pantry and used it to burn out when vegetables are. Useful!

• 500 g of vegetables cut small,
• oven 10 minutes in the pan with a tablespoon of salt, Soup Starter and
• pour 750 ml of boiling water on and
• Cook for another 5 minutes ... ready!

Fight food waste at home: make soup of vegetable that you otherwise would throw away!

The average Dutchman throws some 10 kilograms of vegetables a year away. With soup Starter do you turn vegetable that you would throw away otherwise, within a quarter of an hour, a surprising summer soup. If we all make #weggooigroentesoep every two weeks, we save more than 128 million kilograms of vegetables per year of waste. 128 million-that's worth it, right?

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