No Egg Veggielettes-Vegan Vegetable biscuits-mix


With this mix of chickpeas, buckwheat, rice and lentil flour, herbs and sea salt, you bake a pile of pancakes of leftover vegetables from their own fridge within 15 minutes.

No Egg Veggielette-Mix is free of salt, e-numbers, palm oil and yeast extract. And: Is gluten free and vegan friendly:-)

With this Veggielette mix you make 15 small vegetable biscuits, or 8 larger, of vegetables that you would otherwise throw away.
Quickly make vegan vegetable biscuits from discard vegetables: save more, waste less & eat healthier.

Please note: Available from media March 2018

= = Ingredients = =
Chickpea flour, buckwheat flour, flour, lentil flour, curry and sea salt

= = Why NO EGG VEGGIELETTES vegetable biscuits = =
You know that healthy eating is important. That you should actually eat 250 grams of vegetables a day... but yes: how? Life is busy enough; You don't want to learn how to make a complicated detox bowl from daikon – you just want to eat healthier, without hassle.

At the same time you bale all the vegetables you throw in the Clicko weekly. Death sin of course, but yes... that busy life, eh? You really don't have time to cook books every night by struggling to find easy vegetable dishes.

Believe us: You are not the only one.
The average Dutchman throws about 10 kilos of vegetables a year. With No Egg Veggielette-mix you make vegetables that you would otherwise throw away, within fifteen minutes, a pile of tasty vegetable biscuits. If we do all this once a week, we save more than 128 million kilos of vegetables a year of wastage. 128 million-that's worth, right?

In addition, soup Starter:
... is 100% natural – and does not contain any yeast extract, palm oil or E numbers
... is complete – you don't have to think about herbs or a recipe
... is easy – we have already compiled the right mix, you only need to add water and #weggooigroente

And, also so smart: No Egg Veggielette-mix is dried and therefore endless shelf life. You don't have to go to the supermarket especially; You just keep it in your storage cabinet and use it as soon as there are vegetables. Useful!

= = so it works = =
• Put the contents of the pouch in a beslagkom, add 200 ml of water and stir until the lumps are out. Set aside.
• Cut 100/150 grams of vegetables small, or grate them finely
• Add the vegetables to the batter and stir well by
• Bake in hot oil, in a frying pan
•... ready!

Fight food wasting at home: make vegan vegetable biscuits of vegetables that you would otherwise throw away!

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